Who’s that girl?

After being stuck in a non-writing rut for way longer than I should have been, the idea for this brand-new blog hit me out of the blue after one of my Facebook pictures received a boatload of comments. I posted the picture almost a year ago. It is of me standing in front of a packed classroom of teenagers at the school where I teach. I’m a teacher now, but I used to be a reporter, and this was the beginning of a glorious time in my life: I was starting the journey in teaching my school’s newspaper class. I was given the opportunity to blend my two loves, teaching and reporting, and I was over the moon. I mean, this was just the bee’s knees. Anyway, the point of this whole explanation is not the beginning of the glorious passion-blend but the fact that I was wearing heels. One comment after another poured in. “You wear heels? To school? And you actually teach?” Um, yeah. Yes. I do. I don’t know if I inherited this heels-wearing thing from my 5’00” tall mom, or my “presumida” paternal grandmother, but everyone in my life equates hot heels with…me. It’s just the way it is. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I teach. Standing up. As a matter of fact, my second period class last school year always asked me, “Ms. Caram, why do you stand up the entire time? You can sit down, you know.” My response was, “Oh, thanks for the permission, guys. ‘Preciate it. However, I like standing because I can see every. little. thing. you’re. doing.”


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  1. Hi there!
    I finally had to request your website address from Rey since I must’ve written it down incorrectly when you first mentioned it. I tried searching for it to no avail. Oh, well… I better get to reading it!

    How’s the writing coming along?



  2. Gina McClenning August 3, 2016 — 7:22 am

    Yup, keep on wearing those heels to school, they become your trademark! I used to have bedroom slippers in my bottom drawer of my desk because mine came off as soon as I entered the classroom! Gotta love those heels though, they make us taller!

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