The Simplicities of Christmas

Tree Shoppin.pngThe holidays bring about a conglomeration of feels for us all. I’ve had years where I actually dread the holidays, and it isn’t the getting together with family and friends. For me, that’s always been the fun part. The difficulty lies in the commotion, the presents, the making of lists. This year, however, Baby Ellie is in our world. It is true what they say, y’all. Being a mother changes you in every way. Yet deep inside, you’re still the same woman. Society sometimes frowns upon mothers who enjoy activities outside their role as mother. I have found, however, that not only is it a good thing to wear other hats aside from that of mother, it is vitally necessary to remember one was a wife first. I won’t get into the age-old question of who comes first: man or child? My answer is obvious to me but doesn’t have to be for the world wide web.

I will say this: Our hubbies need love, affection and care. Our babies may come first, but we can’t forget Daddy. We can’t forget our extended families. We can’t forget our dear friends, something I am so guilty of. And we definitely can’t forget our faith, whatever it may be.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my Abuelo Pepe’s passing. My husband and I went to our parish and prayed heartily. We prayed not only for my grandfather’s soul and for him to watch over us, but we prayed for each other and for our baby.

When we left the grotto, I felt peace. It didn’t wash over me like a wave. Instead, it filled me slowly and surely.

With Ellie enjoying the day with her wonderful grandmother, we shopped for our tree. If I do say so myself…she’s a beaut. I’m talking of the tree, because if I started to gush about Ellie I would never, ever run out of things to say. We returned home and began working quietly as Christmas tunes filled the air. We swept and vacuumed, a step ladder was involved; it was no small feat. But together we finished it in a matter of a couple hours.

These are the simplicities of Christmas. After nightfall and our niece’s Christmas show, Ellie stared at the lights in awe. She blinked in wonder, and with every blink I fell more in love with her and her father.

These are the simplicities of Christmas, and the joy I feel in my heart was hard-won.


One thought on “The Simplicities of Christmas

  1. Gina says:

    As always, I enjoy reading your sweet blog about everyday life. Yes, the Christmas season can be quite overwhelming for some but with a little planning, a pen and paper and some hot chocolate, everything can be accomplished. And as for that old age question of who comes first, a very, very wise woman many moons ago advised me and gave me this this sage view: “Always know where your bread is buttered”.. In other words, do not ever forget that your better half always comes first just as you come first in his life. Without that, there is nothing. Children always grow up happiest and feel safest when they see the love between their parents. Merry Christmas dear Elizabeth, to you and your lovely family! xoxo

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