Changes on the Horizon


I’m starting a new teaching assignment this Monday. I am really excited about it. When I first became a teacher eight years ago, I set out to teach kindergarten. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my maternal grandmother; she taught the little ones in Cuba as a young woman before marrying and become a mom of seven. Nevertheless, my first teaching assignment was teaching drama and journalism to middle school kids. I then moved on to teach high school. And now, eight years later, I am entering the world of elementary. On Monday, I will embark on a journey with 18 first-graders who live in an impoverished area of my county.

I am excited, hopeful and a little nervous. But more than anything, I am saddened to leave my current fifth graders behind. For reasons I won’t get into, this opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t let it pass me by. I’ve never left my students any earlier than the end of the school year. I will miss my fifth graders, but I will always think of them fondly and pray for them as they will soon embark on their own journeys into middle school and the world beyond.

Teaching is addicting. I am obsessed with my career and where it has taken me; it has truly been a journey like no other. I genuinely get excited every morning as I get ready for work. Thank you, God, for blessing me. I pray that I will always have this fire within me.



  1. So exciting! Teaching 1st graders is one of the most rewarding things one will ever do! They are so inquisitive and imaginative and above all, very loving. I taught them for 15 memorable happy years! Enjoy the new journey!

    • I’m back where I started ten years ago actually…in middle school! I’ll be helping to pilot a new program in our county that’s 100% tablet-based learning. Zero textbooks and zero paperwork. I’m pumped!

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