The Return of the Thick-Heeled Pump


I remember a time when thicker heels were just plain tacky. The skinnier the stiletto, the better. Lo and behold, things have changed. Granted, this doesn’t mean thick heels haven’t ever been in style. I know the seventies, for example, were definitely the thick heels’ heyday. But up until recently, the TH definitely didn’t have a place in my closet.

A few weeks ago, I was at a local playhouse watching Next to Normal with my best friend. (It was amazing!) I ran to the bathroom during intermission, was washing my hands in a rush, but I didn’t fail to notice a beautifully-coiffed middle aged woman who was rocking the TH. I noticed the same trend a few days later at the grocery store. (Can I get a what-what for the women out there who keep their work outfit on to grocery shop! I’m one of them; can you tell?)

Most definitely, I need to invest in a pair of these babies. Now…which color shall I select?

P.S. To my friends who’ve been wondering, “Why is this a fashion blog if she doesn’t write about fashion?” Here you go, loves!


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  1. olenamiss says:

    they make a giant feet out of a little female one.. i find them critical

    1. Thanks for reading! I think they are so beautiful. Have you tried different designers? Some tend to make shoes bulkier than others.

  2. Lenette says:

    How about the red beauties you are featuring? Those are really amazing!

    1. Well, when I get that sought-after book deal, you can bet they’ll be rocked south of my ankles! ‘Til then…a girl can dream. 😉

  3. I love them! Some of us, who have giant female feet by nature, don’t really care how shoes make our feet look because we don’t really care what others think. Maybe it’s a tall woman thing… I’m sure we have a superiority complex… The way I figure, being 5’11 is a gift coveted by many a woman who dream of being runway models but are simply average, little women… I love being tall and having giant feet that look adorable in any shoe… But then again, I have never been ashamed of myself…

    1. Ha! True, true. Tall girls rock! Thanks for reading, lovely.

  4. Teacher Girl says:

    Thick heels = more support = happy me!

    1. TG, you know I thought of you when I realized the thicker heels guarantees more support! So funny you commented with this. 🙂 xoxo

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