Shocking Pink

I have several wonderful friends who also teach high school English. It’s wonderful to have so many creative souls to share ideas with. A friend who teaches at a high school in the northern part of the county was at a professional development meeting, and she was disappointed in her colleagues’ bland responses to a common “what’s your color?” exercise. She shared hers with our mutual friend and me, and we each came up with beautiful and sweet little creations. Here’s mine.

Shocking Pink

Bougainvilleas sprinkling the lawn and hanging over gates
The way a first kiss feels down to my toes
A lovers’ embrace right before an unwanted flight
The chuckle of a baby with promise in his eyes
Feeling the grass on a hot summer night 
While loud music pounds through my body 

Shocking Pink

What’s your color? 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Teacher Girl says:

    Beautiful! I would say my color is Sassy Purple, but alas, I am a little drunk at the moment (super bowl party) so I have nothing clever to go with it 😉

    1. TG, you crack me up. Sassy Purple? I love it. How about now? Clever attachment to the sassy?

  2. Jen says:

    My color is burgundy. It is an elegant, yet powerful color. It gives me a much-needed boost of confidence. It is the color in my business’ logo.

    1. I can see that! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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