A Tribute to My Abuelas

Although I hate to admit it, I go through these unwanted phases sometimes when I get kind of wrapped up in myself and don’t want to…share. I get kind of quiet, I don’t want to go out of my way; I just want to come straight home after work and vegetate. Once I’m in one of these modes, I force myself to snap out of it, and I do – but it’s not easy.

One of the things that falls by the wayside when I go into this mode is visiting my grandmas. With an s. Plural, because I’m lucky enough to still have these two amazing women in my life. I let myself get lazy, despite the fact that I’m no fool. Time ticks on, and everyone’s days are numbered. During the first week of January, I really and truly came to the haunting realization that my grandmothers’ time with me here on earth is quite limited. More limited that I’d like to admit. On that day, I promised myself that I would make a much stronger effort to visit and call both of my grandmothers a lot more often. Abuela Pachy, my dad’s mom, was in West Palm Beach at the time staying with my aunt Lissette. I called her and we chatted for over an hour. Abuela Paca, my mom’s mom, was home as she always is. I drove to Palacio de los Jugos, bought chicharrones de puerco, and then went to a Cuban bakery and bought señoritas blancas, her favorite dessert. I felt so happy as I drove to her house. I was beaming with joy when I rang the doorbell and said, “Te tengo una sorpresa!” Just thinking about it makes me teary.

Today, I went to the funeral of a woman who was only 68. She was the grandmother of a little girl whom I tutored. The little girl, who’s now in sixth grade, approached her grandmother’s casket, and instantly started crying. I could tell she was trying so hard to be brave. But she just couldn’t hold it in. Her grandmother used to pick her up from school every day and drop her off at home where I would be waiting for our tutoring session. It was heartbreaking to see her pain. She took a seat in the armchair closest to her grandmother and composed herself.

Even though her time with her grandmother was brief, I know that she will always hold on to the memories; to the warm afternoons where she would climb into her grandmother’s car and feel that familiar feeling of comfort — the feeling only una abuela can provide.

From my own grandmothers I have learned so much. I learned about the beauty of my faith, and about the devotion one can feel to God. I learned to pray to Mary, to ask for help when I need it. When I get married, because of my grandmothers, I will know undying devotion to my husband.

Both of my grandmothers were wonderful wives to my grandfathers up to their dying days. A countless number of times, my grandmothers spent days on end in hospitals, keeping vigil by their husbands’ bedsides.

You may be wondering what this all has to do with wearing heels. It is my belief that wearing heels doesn’t simply add to your fabulosity or make you feel more confident. Wearing heels, the way I see it, is about being your best. Being my best, personally, involves being present in the lives of my grandmothers. Both of these women make me stronger, they make me better; they make me me.

Abuela Paca and Abuelo Pan on Their Wedding Day 

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  1. Elaine says:

    OMG!!!! Absolutely love it!!!! You made me think of my lazy days when I think two and three times about going to visit my grandpa!!! I lost my grandma ten years ago and my grandfather just turned 90 and you never really know how long you are going to have them here!!! I love your blog!!! Keep the fabulosity flowing doll!!!!!

    1. Elaine, thank you for reading! You are so right: We don’t know how long we will have them with us! Make sure to click “follow” in the lower right-hand side of the page so you can receive my new posts via-email. ❤

  2. Elaine says:

    Had to fix my e-mail address!! Ciao!

  3. Lenette says:

    Beautiful and wonderfully sentimental. We should all take a cue from you and make that extra effort- I know I will.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. As always, thank you for your kind words and support. You rock, Lenetty!

    2. And if anyone is inspired to spend more time with their abuelos as a result of this post – I’m so humbled.

  4. Lauren Rivas says:

    Elizabeth, thank you for your light. I live with my only living grandparent- my abuela, and i wouldnt have it any other way. Here’s to a million more señoritas blancas!

    Keep em’ coming!

  5. Teacher Girl says:

    Such a beautiful post! This made me think of how I really need to spend some time with my own grandmother soon. I only have one and she’s amazing.

  6. It’s so funny that you posted this. I am feeling the EXACT EXACT EXACT same way lately. I have come to the realization that my grandparents’ time is limited as well. I am lucky enough to have both my grandmother and only 1 grandfather, but they are all in their late 80’s and clearly their time IS limited. I have promised myself to pick up the phone more often, see them as often, simply to let them know I am here and love them. As you mentioned, I have learned so much about love from my grandparents. The unconditional love that never ends (despite death of the other), the fact that you WILL fight and piss each other other; but you always will continue loving them, and the most important thing from my mother’s mother is the unconditional love and devotion to your husband. To please him and care for him out of love, not because it is your duty or love, but because that is your husband. You love and honor them through the years and even if he shall pass before you, you continue to honor and love him. That love will never fade. Okay and now I am crying. Goodbye 🙂

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