The Way They Make Me Feel

I’m sure you’ve all deduced that I’m a firm believer in a pair of heels changing the world way one feels, but I love when other women echo my sentiments. I am fully aware that not everyone is a slave to the heel; most people are a bit more practical. My friend Jess is one of these women. She loves a good flat and rocks Tory Burch sandals like it’s no one’s business, but on weekends — bring on the heels. On Black Friday, poor Jess was stuck at home doing homework (she finished her masters recently, ONE TIME FOR JESS!), but decided this undue punishment was not going to stop her from getting her deal on. Enter and across the screen flash these puppies. “The shoes make me feel amazing, more ‘dressed up’, sexy, and they boost my confidence — always a plus. I like to wear them with a variety of outfits, from cute dresses to skinny jeans and flowy tops…these shoes are very versatile and a newfound staple in my closet.” That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Jess in Heels

You rock those heels, Jess.

Friends: Want to be featured next? Email me a pic of your favorite making-skyscrapers-jealous pair!


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